Everything you need to be productive

•A bright, modern space with windows looking out on Westchester Avenue

•Comfortable contract-grade office and lounge furniture

•Ergonomic options like adjustable-height desks and active seating

•High-speed wifi; outlets and ports; extra charging cables just in case

•Wireless printing from your phone or laptop. Copying, scanning, faxing, and shredding also available.

•Plenty of office supplies on hand: Post-its, pens, paper clips, and even a communal red stapler.


Quiet or private space when you need it

•A conference room and private offices available at no charge whenever they haven’t been reserved in advance

•Private space reservations available to all members up to a month in advance.

•Guaranteed renewal for regular reservations (eg, every Friday morning)

conf rm.jpg

Space for meeting one-on-one and in larger groups

•A conference room that can accommodate up to six people. 

•Private offices for consultations

•Room to collaborate in the main workspace

•Land lines with conferencing and speakerphone capability

•Wifi-capable flat-screen TV monitor

•Wifi-capable projector and screen

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After-hours event space rentals

•Flexible furniture that can be rearranged to fit your needs

•Space suitable for parties, workshops, meetings, and other events

•Discounts on event space rentals for all members

•Use of kitchenette included


Kitchenette with complimentary beverages

•Complimentary coffee and tea, and a hot and cold water dispenser

•Bins for storing personal items like mugs or thermoses

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Convenient Scotts Corners location