Unlimited access (previously “monthly membership”) includes all available Martin House privileges and best available rates on added services.

This plan should suit most people who will use the space at least four or five times a month for independent work or meetings, as well as anyone who would like to join the space to promote a business.  

The unlimited access plan means you don't have to decide every morning whether you have enough work to do to justify a daily pass.  It also eliminates the scenario where you've bought a daily pass and worked for a while only to have to leave because of an unexpected change of plans. 

Unlimited access includes the following:

  • Guaranteed renewal from month to month

  • Full access to coworking space

  • Access to reserved spaces subject to availability

  • Best rates on space reservations

  • Guest privileges (host up to two guests for up to two hours)

  • Option to purchase phone and mail services

  • Best rates on document services

  • Free package handling

  • Membership card with local merchant discounts

  • Opportunity to host community workshops and other programming

  • Admission to member-only events and programs

Unlimited access is available at $229/month.