Beginning in 2019, there will be three membership options:


Community Membership ($29/month)

•one free day a month (no carryover)
•discounted rate ($25) on additional days
•guaranteed renewal


Community Plus Membership ($149/month)

•Up to ten days a month (no carryover)
•Discounted rate ($25) on additional days
•Guaranteed renewal


Unlimited Access ($229/month)

•Unlimited days
•Opportunity to host community events
•Guaranteed renewal

All three options include the following benefits:

•20% off event space rentals
•membership card with discounts at local businesses
•advance reservations on private space (conference room or private office)
•best rates on mail and package handling and free UPS label generation
•opportunity to promote products or services at Martin House Marketplace events
•free personal and/or business listing (if desired) on the Martin House Network

The membership options are designed to make it easy to choose a comfortable fit. Most people know if they need a workspace all the time or only once in a blue moon. And most people who are occasional users can say whether ten days is about right or not enough.

Since having more people in the workspace is a good thing, anyone who chooses to spend extra time with us gets a discounted rate on added days. Community and Community Plus members can add a day for only $25.

Day Passes

Day passes are offered to accommodate very occasional users, such as out-of-town visitors. Please note that after January 1, 2019, passes will be available only individually and only for same-day use.

download copy.png

One-Day Passes ($29/$35)

•Subject to availability
•No advance purchase; use on purchase date
•Price increase from $29 to $35 effective January 1, 2019

Ten-Pass Packs ($259)

•Transferable paper passes
•No expiration date
•Available only through December 31, 2018