1. Be considerate of others!  Avoid behavior that may disturb others or interfere with their ability to enjoy the workspace. 

2. If you’re not sure whether something is okay, ask first.

3. If you need to talk on your phone in the coworking space, keep your voice down and keep your call short.  If you need to talk for more than a few minutes minutes, move outside or into the interior or exterior hallway.  You can also reserve one of the enclosed offices if you need to spend a lot of time on the phone.

4. It’s fine to talk in the coworking space, but your conversation shouldn’t be loud enough to be disruptive. 

5. The coworking space is not intended to be a silent space.  Please be tolerant of low-level noise and conversation.

6. You’re free to sit at any unoccupied station in the coworking space.  If there are no unoccupied seats in the coworking space, please let the community manager know.

7. Be aware of the time.  As closing time approaches, complete any work you need to finish and prepare to pack up your belongings for the day.

8. Leave the space in the same condition you found it in.  Put trash in the trash can and recyclables in the recycling bin.  If spills or other messes occur, please alert the community manager.

9. The refrigerator is for storing milk and cream.  Other items left in the refrigerator may be removed.

10. If you have questions, problems, or concerns, please consult the community manager.

11. If you have suggestions for changes or improvements, please share them with the community manager!