What is Martin House?

It’s a local coworking space. Like the ones in the city you may have heard of, but smaller and less corporate.

It’s a place to prop your laptop, complete with wifi, lots of outlets, and complementary coffee. A place where you can meet a client, chat with a friend, gather a group, or host an event.

Read more about small co-working spaces in the New York Times.


Why do people join?

For some people, it’s an alternative to commuting. Sitting on our patio beats riding in the quiet car any day. Our wifi works just as well out front as it does inside.

For others, it’s an alternative to working from home. Even people with home offices need to get out now and then, and Scotts Corners is the perfect antidote to a little too much solitude.

It can also be an escape from distractions, like the refrigerator, household chores, or noisy family members. Many people say they’re more focused and productive at a coworking space than at home.

As a meeting place, it often works better than a coffee shop. It’s easy to make copies, and the coffee is included. An no one minds if you stay all day.


But doesn’t it get noisy?

There are private spaces that can be used for phone calls and a conference room for larger meetings. There’s also the option of reserving a private office.

And in the main workspace, we have a white noise machine that tends to make conversations and street noise less noticeable and distracting. We’ve considered low-level music, but white noise seems to be preferable, since musical tastes vary.

People who like having music in the background can use earbuds, and there’s always the option of noise-canceling headphones for those who like working in a communal space but sometimes need to block out ambient noise or want to signal that they need to work without interruption.


How much does it cost?

There are different membership levels according to how often you think you’ll use the space, starting at $29/month for the Community Membership and going up to $229/month for Unlimited Access. You can find more complete info on this on the Access page.

There’s no commitment beyond a month, but for out-of-towners or very occasional users, we do offer a walk-in rate of $35/day.

On the whole, it’s very reasonable compared with nearby coworking options, and much less than a lease.

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